Roadmap to Opening

The following Roadmap has been issued by the Government and will be confirmed one week before each milestone.

From 29 March 2021, visitors are permitted to travel to visit, maintain, clean and collect belongings from their caravans on parks which are currently closed, such as ours, but people should minimise travel where possible and will not be permitted to stay overnight away from home.

Please check for any water leaks, which should be minimal as the water has been switched off since November 5th and will only be switched on next week.
The rule of six applies in outside spaces, as will:

  • Social distancing
  • Hands, face, space
  • Registering your arrival and departure by text to 07850633471 (Margaret)

From 12th April Virley House Tourer Park will reopen, on the proviso that the Roadmap continues to progress as initially planned provided that all shared facilities including toilets and the shower block remain closed until 17th May.
Chemical Toilet and Potable water points can and will remain open but will be restricted to use by one person at a time.

From 17th May, again on the proviso that the Roadmap continues to progress as initially planned, the toilets and shower block will be expected to re-open in line with Site Licensing requirements with an enhanced cleaning regime and restricted hours to facilitate this cleaning regime.
From 21st June, restrictions should be lifted, but we expect some element of social distancing and hands, face, space to still be in place for a while. We will see!
During our closure we have been busy tidying around the site by clearing the bank around the lake, removing old tanks and sheds and re-siting Elson points to run into the new Klargesters installed last year. A new gate has been ordered and will be in place shortly, although there are long waiting lists on many goods.
Unfortunately, there have been price increases in certain staple products. Aqua Kem is now £9.00 for 1.5 litres and gas bottles have increased in price, but we are shopping around to see who will offer the best price. We will keep you updated.
Just to confirm that we will remain open for touring caravans until 30th November 2021, should you wish to take advantage of this additional time at no additional charge.