COVID-19 Guidance


At last we are ready to open the gates again and look forward to welcoming you back! As you can imagine, we have had to look at our arrangements very carefully to ensure the safety of us all and to limit the risk of COVID- 19 and you will notice some differences when you arrive on site, particularly: an enhanced cleaning regime and opening hours for showers and toilets to allow cleaning to take place one way systems for dog walking and fishing and To help you through these changes, here is a simple guide which has been written to keep all of us safe and to respect our local community.


• Enjoy your caravan and the immediate area of your pitch and public space in and around the site.

• Walk freely around the grounds, always observing social distance from other site users.

• Bring soap, hand gel, gloves, toilet roll, disinfectant, hand sanitiser – just to be on the safe side.

• Bring your own supplies of food and drink which may reduce reliance and congestion in local shops.

• Remember that you can have food delivered to the site, however you would need to collect this from the site entrance.

• Talk to any of our team – Reg, Christine, Martin and Margaret -we are looking forward to seeing you!


• You or any of your household have any symptoms of COVID-19 or feel even slightly unwell

• You have been in isolation within the last 14 days

• You have been out of the country in the last 14 days


• What you would do if you become unwell while at your caravan.? Would you be able to drive yourself home before symptoms could worsen?

• Would you be staying with someone who could take you back home?

• Please consider that our local hospital in Skegness Urgent Care does not deal with COVID-19 cases, and that there is increased pressure during summer months on Boston Hospital (40 mins away) and Lincoln Hospital (1hr away). Therefore, being at your home address in-case symptoms worsen might be a good idea.


Consider travel times – all caravan sites open on 4th July and we expect all main routes to the coast to be very busy – try to avoid peak travel times where you can. When you arrive, use your fob to enter the gate and go to your caravan. Then, text Margaret on 07850633471 or phone the house on 01754 811990 to let us know that you are on site. Keep these numbers safe in case of emergencies. There will be a copy of this guidance and other information in the Welcome Pack sellotaped to the outside of your awning or caravan. Please consider other guests and park leaving spaces where you can. If you are parked next to someone, please observe social distancing and wait if another family is currently getting in/out of their vehicle. You may need to turn on your water outside your caravan. You must flush through all water outlets to clear standing water. You may be using more wipes/ kitchen roll for cleaning but DO NOT flush them down your toilet and block our drains. £120 call out fee applies. Aqua Kem MUST be used in toilets and is available at a cost of £8.00. It is a condition of your contract that this fluid is used, and any breach will result in termination of your contract. Please post money through letterbox, with your name clearly marked. Aqua Kem will be placed outside your awning when requested. Legionella advice for YOUR caravan and water supply:

• Flush all toilets while keeping the lids closed

• Run through all taps and showers

• Point shower heads away from you

• Open windows and avoid breathing in water vapour (consider a mask)


Ground Rules for the Safety of All of Us: Please ensure all rules are adhered to, failure to do so may breach your contract with us

• For now, you will only be able to be in your caravan with people that you are currently with in the same household or Bubble (please follow latest government guidance).

• Caravans MUST NOT be sublet to other visitors

• Other caravan owners are not permitted to enter your caravan, however you may socially distance outside, but groups should be kept as small as possible, large gatherings are NOT permitted.

• Extra visitors/ guests are not allowed to be invited to your caravan from off site.

• Please ensure that children are not allowed to roam unsupervised around the park so that they do not, albeit inadvertently, break the social distance rule

• Please phone, rather than call, at the house if you need to speak to us.

• You should socially distance with everyone else on site and respect their personal space – this requirement applies equally to dogs which must be kept in the boundary of your pitch on a lead to avoid straying.

• When dog walking in the field please observe the one-way path over the bridge, to the gate, through the marked path and back through the second gate.

• Only one person (plus family) per fishing peg with NO overnight reservations, please.

• Enter the fishing area via the shower lodge entrance, using a one-way system around the back of the lake and exit via the Elson nearest the house.

• A black bin bag has already been provided in your outside bin. Bin collection is on Wednesdays for one black bag per caravan. Please leave your bag, tied up, next to your green bin for collection on Wednesday or when you leave the site. A new black bag will be placed on top of your green bin. Currently, glass bottles will not be collected and should be taken home or deposited in local bottle banks in Croft, Burgh or Skegness (Morrisons or Tesco’s)


These are communal areas and as such could potentially spread infection. Please use your own facilities where possible to reduce the likelihood of the spread of infection. We have greatly enhanced cleaning of these facilities and you will find:

• Sanitising gel outside and inside toilet and shower areas.

• Advice re hand washing and gel application

• A cleaning schedule, clear to all, carried out by Margaret and Christine

• Showers open between 9.00 and 11.00am and 4.00 and 7.00pm with only 1 person in the shower cubicle at one time and anyone waiting to wait outside

• Shower tokens available from Reg in bags of 5 coins – £2.50 per bag

• External toilet cubicles open between 8.00 and 11.00am and 4.00 and 7.00pm

• We do reserve the right to close facilities if they become problematic.

• Two new Klargester Sewage Systems are being installed during the summer months which will not operate if the wrong fluid is used. Only Aqua Kem, the supplied and approved fluid can be used. The cost per call out is not yet known!


• Storage of gas cylinders on site is limited, so please order gas giving 7 days’ notice of need. £60 for gas bottles can be transferred by BACS to the Site Account or posted through the letterbox in an envelope with your name and pitch clearly marked.

• Electricity meters will be read on 30th of each month and the reading and cost text to your mobile.

Money should be placed in the envelopes provided and posted through the letterbox by 7th day of the next month. Your details have been written on the envelopes in your Welcome Pack.


What to Do If You Have Symptoms of COVID-19 whilst on Site:

• Inform Martin or Margaret immediately and self-isolate where you are to minimise any risk of transmission and request a test.

• If you are confirmed to have COVID-19, you should then return home if you reasonably can, using private transport but only driving yourself if you can do so safely.

• If you cannot reasonably return home (for example because you are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), your circumstances will be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority.

• Other guests in the same caravan should also self-isolate where they are.

• If the diagnosis is then confirmed, they should also return home for any remaining part of their 7-day isolation period, subject to being able to do so safely.

• However, government guidance is not intended to cover every circumstance and if unwell, you may return home straight away. The guidance does not stop you from choosing to do so.

• If COVID-19 is confirmed on Site – it will be necessary to close all shower and toilet facilities

• Guidance will be sought on Site closure and communicated to everyone as a matter of urgency – please ensure that we have your latest contact details as on attached GDPR Information.

Once again, we look forward to seeing you all again and hope that we all manage to keep safe throughout the remainder of the season. All good wishes Martin and Margaret